Midnight Milking: Cows Abused for Fun - play, close, dick.
Cast: Astro, Lola
Genres: Femdom, Face Sitting, Electric Play, Milking Machine

Astro and Lola have just worked a shift at the Brat Princess milking warehouse. Instead of heading home, theyve decided to stay and do a little midnight milking. Midnight milking is what the teasers call it when they keep the cows on after the shift has ended. All of the money goes directly to the teasers because they are milking the cows after hours. It technically isnt allowed by Brat Princess corporate, but they sort of turn a blind eye to the practice. I know you should be resting in chastity, but look whats going to happen to you instead, Lola tells cow andy. Just for fun, the teasers want to see if they can make the cows cum. It will ruin the batch and any potential profits they might have pocketed, but it will be really fun just to fuck with the cows. They tell the cows that they will be allowed to cum, but if they are getting close they have to moo. Remember, cows are not allowed to cum while on shift, it ruins the batch. This midnight edging game is a rare opportunity for the cow to actually orgasm. I just like fucking with its dick, Astro says as she cranks up the machine on cow echo. You cant cum until I allow you to! She tells it. The teasers giggle and get a little crazed as they crank up the speed on the machines. Im in control of your cock, Lola tells andy as she ignores its moos. Astro turns the machine up to the maximum setting. After hours, there are no rules. Astro and Lola keep the cows right on edge and just keep denying them, even with the promise of an actual orgasm hanging in the air. Its mean. Finally, one of the cows goes over the edge. It cums! Well, just because one cow gets to cum doesnt mean the other can. The teasers deny the second cow for a while longer.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 26:36
Video: 1280×720, Windows Media Video 9, 5859kbps
Audio: 312kbps

Midnight Milking: Cows Abused for Fun! Midnight Milking: Cows Abused for Fun (play, like, close, dick, con)
Midnight Milking: Cows Abused for Fun Midnight Milking: Cows Abused for Fun (close, like, play, dick)

close dick (Midnight Milking: Cows Abused for Fun)...
File size: 1.2 GB

Midnight Milking: Cows Abused for Fun (con, close, like, dick)


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